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My doc was very slow to prescribe things too and in the long run I think she was right. She only initially gave me Retin A Micro and the Minocin(and a lower dose).I was so mad! She only added Klaron after 2 mos into it and increased the Minocin then too. I asked her why and she said that if she would have given me all of it up front, and I had a reaction to any of it, then she wouldn't know which medication was the culprit. B4 she increased the Minocin, she asked me about headaches, yeast infections etc. Luckily I did not have any of those, but I WAS still having a montly cyst or so, so she increased it. I commend her for her slow approach. Maybe that's your doc's theory too, or maybe your acne is just on the mild side.

Those things on your chin that never go away may be cysts...and seeing your OBG may help if you wanna go on the pill. I never could so never did.

I saw your recent post on how long antibitics take to work, and you must understand that everyone is different, and the best advice is that you need to be patient with your plan of attack. Acne did not come overnight(although some mornings you think it did). It takes weeks for a pimple to form. You WILL know when it is working and it really does not matter what anyone here has to say about's when it's gonna work for you! I hope it is sooner than later for you! :)

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