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I've been on the maintenance dose of accutane for lupus rashes for 4 years. My body should be more than used to it by now. When I stop taking it, I break out with acne and rashes within about 5 - 7 days. Unbelievable, huh?? It's very depressing.
I thought that since the tazorac is topical form of accutane and since I've been on the accutane for so long, I would just clear and that would be that. So much for that theory. I use the tazorac for about 10 minutes now before washing my face in the evening. Anything else while on the accutane would dry my skin too much. I also wash with the glycolic cleanser in which I used the #1 cleanser for 5 years and just switched to the #2 last week or so. Thought that since everything was coming up sooo slowly, this would help a bit. I've had a few under the skin as flesh colored bumps since at least January or February and even though I've been using the tazorac in this way for two months and washing with the glycolic acid, they have still remained under the skin. Although now that I started to used the #2 (15% glycolic) they do "appear" to be flattening out a bit. But I also stopped using the cp serum on them too. Maybe that was what helped. Go figure, because then I started breaking out around my mouth again....pretty bad and I had that under some control.

I just can't keep going through this. I don't enjoy anything without analyzing my face first....and then If I'm broken out bad, I can't enjoy it anyway. It's as if this just will not go away no matter what I try.
Could the extra 3 % glycolic acid in the cleanser be bringing yet MORE up to the surface??? or is the tazorac just not for me?? I'm really depressed that I am still fighting this battle. I wish I could always be happy and ready to fight this battle even harder, but today just isn't one of those days. All I know is, I hate the way I look. And when I remember back 5 - 10 years ago during the time I had clear skin ( due to spiro), it makes me feel like a failure. I've literally tried everything out there. I don't know what else to do. I've even done the 5 month course of accutane......never completely cleared me and I broke out terribly within 1 week after stopping. Crazy huh??

I know, yet again I've bored you all with this long winded tale of my problems, when we are all facing the same struggles. But at 38 years old, I just don't have anyone else to talk to about this....I just pretend my bad moods are about the lupus only, and I don't embarrass myself to mention that my face breaks out 25 years after puberty. ......All the hysterectomy did was mess things up further.

I'm grateful for my family, but soooo disappointed in myself and MY life. today is a day I can't see anything else except the "WHY ME"...

L :)

L :)
Spiro was my miracle for 5 years. I could eat anything, do anything and never had to worry except to remember to take it. I was crystal clear and cant' remember being broken out ever while on it. Then it stopped working.. They tried to adjust my dose, but the derm said it "had gotten out of control" and I needed the accutane course. so I went through it being told that at the end of 5 months I would be cured (his words) but here I am 5 years later, still trying to find the miracle again. I tried to take 100 to 150 mg of the spiro starting again in september, but it really didn't do a lot and the dryness was awful and then I started to break out from that. I went down to 50 mg, just to satisfy myself that I am still taking it somehow, and started the yasmin in January. Just when I think its getting better, Here I go again. Then you know the drill, we all LOOK for the culprit....Is it the jojoba or the cp serum or the tazorac. I've gone so far as to blame the salt water softener in my house because I started to break out 6 weeks after it was installed!!! That just caused a goofy debate between my husband and me....He must be right though because I tried to wash with distilled pure water for about 3 weeks and it did nothing besides make my skin feel drier.

Here I go again...these long winded tales of mine!! But how can it be that nothing works....even accutane. ??? I will say that the yasmin has given me back some good things that I lost with the menopause, but as for my skin, the jury is still out. the cp serum I have questions about. It's like its trying to fix the skin faster that I can get it exfoliated with the glycolic acid which traps the pimple inside. At lest that's what my face looked like last week. I stopped using it and they started to flatten out, only to have a bad break out start around my mouth. So is the cp serum bad or good.....NO CLUE..

I do wish I could still rely on the spiro to just be there to keep this away. Its bad enough to feel like *%@$ everyday of my life, but why do I have to look this way too?? My 17 year old niece has a better complexion than I do.

I'm SAD today. Sorry about all the venting. My computer was broken for 2 weeks and I had no one to talk to about this. so I guess now it's just all coming out.
Thanks for the replies and for listening ....AGAIN..

L :(

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