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I've been on B5 for exactly 7 days. For the most part, I am fairly satisfied with the results. I have mild to sometimes moderate acne that seems to flair up occcasionally. Rarely do i get cysts but when i break out its usually on my temples, cheeks, and jawline. I've been on antibiotics (topical and oral) and Accutane with good success but the acne seems to always come back. I figured I'd give the B5 a go...

I am on the recommended 10g/day dosage divided up a few tablets every few hours or so. I did get the dreaded initial breakout on about day 2 which consisted of a few fairly large cysts on my temple and cheek. These seemed to subside though over the course of the week. I also noticed a slight reduction in oil especially on my forehead, again, it wasnt substantial but a decrease nonetheless. It is tough to judge after only a week but I would have to say I am clearer than I have been in awhile. As far as side effects, I've noticed some headaches, some diarrhea, some fatigue but these effects are pretty transient, and dont really affect my daily activities.

Again, its too early to tell if the effects are placebo related or if the results will even last but so far I like what I see.

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