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I also give facials for a living.

This may be true for some clients, the oil our skin produces is a natural barrier which protects the skin. HOWEVER, those of us with acne have acne because our skin does not shed properly and the dead cells clog our sebaceous glands causing breakouts. Carole820 is correct, the glands themselves are located in the dermis, not the epidermis, they are safely located under several layers of keratin (skin cells).

Different approaches work for different people. I myself have had the best luck with a daily application of retin-a. The exfoliating action of the retinol has balanced my skin and it's now functioning without so much clogging. Over stimulating your skin with too much exfoliation can cause breakouts, those of us with acne are sensitive. A daily wash with an aha or bha or fine scrub added should be fine for an acne client not on medication.

Hope that helps some.
Exfoliation is bad only when it is over done. For us folks with acne and acne scars, regular and moderate exfoliation is a great thing. It helps heal and control acne.
I have mild to moderate acne and im on acne medication: diferin and doxy, which i think is working... Do u guys think it ok to exfoliate to speed up the healing process??? And what kind of expoliating products or AHA do u guys use?

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