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hi bim, first of all, you are still pretty, you just have acne and that can go away, luckily. have you tried any other medications? how long have you been on the doxy? most people have to try at least a few dif remedies before a derm will prescribe accutane, but that's b/c most people's acne can be controlled w/out tane. there are also lotsa topicals, that you might want to try in conjunction with the doxy. also, if you're not on birth control pills, you might consider trying one of them out. i use yasmin right now, i'd avoid ortho evra patch, ortho tricyclin works for some, i also like ortho novum 7-7-7, and i've heard good things about diane35. there are some who use diet to control their acne, cutting out dairy for example. if you notice that there are triggers for your acne, then quit eating those things! i can't drink soft drinks, even on accutane (which kills me cuz there's nothing like an ice-cold pepsi on a hot day :p ), and giving up coffee reduced my stress, which could only help not just my acne, but everything in my life, really. i still drink black and green tea though, i do still need to be awake! *lol*

good luck, and keep us posted on your progress. ali

ps- have you tried the juice-of-one-lemon-in-water-or-herbal-tea a day thing? i've found it useful, even on accutane, and it can't hurt! :angel:

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