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Does anyone know (males) if not shaving while on accutane hurts the progress of the drug?
I know pimples form in hair follicles or something like that, but during these initial break outs i think that if i didnt shave it would cover up some of the acne. Id rather be scruffy then have zits along my jaw line and kneck. . .
I was gonna ask exactly the same question Mike, i'm on day 7 now and i could really do with a shave but i started a big break out yesterday and dont really wanna agrivate it, like u sed i might keep the scruffy beard for now as it kinda hides the acne a lil bit!!!!!

Any help wud b much appreciated tho from any guys that experienced this problem??

*lol* i've often wished that i were a man so that i could grow out a big 'ole bushy beard to cover up the acne! hahahahaaaaaa you guys are so funny! i can't speak from experience on this, but it seems like not shaving might reduce irritation of the skin and actually help your healing process.

sorry, i know i'm no dude, but i had to look, like i said, so many times i wished.... i hope you get some legit guy answers!

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