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Rosie: I will check into the doxycycline to see what effects it will have on both the lupus and the acne. Thanks for the suggestion. I am always very afraid to try antibiotics because my immune system is on overdrive as it is. I took minocycline 5 years ago, prior to being dx with lupus and literally I got so sick I thought I was losing my mind. But maybe the doxycycline is different.

dsheldon: My goal has been to cut down and eventually get rid of the accutane for good. You can imagine my concern after all of this time of taking it. My derm doesn't seem concerned at all, as I have been LUCKY enough to have never had any problems with it. But cutting down has always been my idea. When a new dr. or anyone else for that matter finds out that I take it ,let alone how long I have taken it, they look at me with utter disbelief in their eyes. As for the skinoren, I tried azaleic acid cleanser about 4 years ago and my lupus rashes got all dry and scaly. Is it the same product??...I am glad your hives are better, and I am really happy that the spiro has helped you. Like I've said many times over, it was my MIRACLE for a long time. My body just got stronger than the med I guess. I appreciate that you want to find out more about lupus. I try very hard to live life not using the lupus as a crutch. Through all of the pain, I still work and try to function. But it is extrememly hard. I'm not the same person I was before and deep down I know this has changed me forever. I know other people have it worse , but I haven't had one day without pain in 5 years now. and having the acne and rashes on top of it just feels like too much sometimes. As far as the accutane, right now the easy way out would be to give up everything else and go back to taking it 5 days per week. I just don't want to feel like I've failed. It never kept me completely clear, but I had many many more "good" days than bad. I did give up the cp serum for now and cut the jojoba use to 1 time per day. My skin is dry and peeling from the tazorac and the glycolic cleanser. Most of what has been "dredging up" is old stuff. Its like they were flattened out by the cp serum, but remained under there lurking. Some big ones are flattening out again, and some little ones that I thought were gone are finally coming to a head with oil and junk. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not.
I will keep posting as to progress of what I'm giving up on and how its going.

Yes I am taking the accutane as a maintenance but if I stop, within 5 to 7 days the cysts always return along with the scaly patches from lupus.
I guess right now I would have to say that the acne is the worst of it. The accutane keeps the lupus rashes somewhat in checked and is used as a 3rd line treatment in at least I'm not alone.
I take yasmin daily (active pills only since I am post menopausal) and spiro 5o mg per day. Anything higher would be way too drying....
I treat the inflammatory conditions of lupus with aleve and such, and I take no additional vitamins or herbs. I apply tazorac for about 10 minutes before I wash my face and then wash with 15% glycolic acid cleanser. (tazorac 2 months, cleansers 4 years or more)

I do not wear make up as it makes the lupus rashes worse. I use jojoba oil now only 1 time per day. I stopped using the cp serum.....
This was sssssooooo much easier when I just took the accutane without thinking about it 5 days per week...but I want to cut down sooo bad. I'm down to 2 days per week but can tell its not enough. I was hoping the yasmin and spiro would be the key. Although I do like the yasmin for HRT after menopause and would like to continue. I've thought even about giving up the spiro.....but am scared that if it actally is helping I will make things worse. So for now I will give up one thing at a time.

Thanks to all of you for caring and trying to help. I hope I can return the favor someday. When you're my age and raising a family, if you mention something like acne, everyone just figures you should grow up and think about the "real world problems" and about how blessed you are in other ways. While that may be true, why can't I have it all? :(

L :(

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