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[QUOTE=bimbotica]hey guys, yup i do think we need to change our diet a little. not tooo drastic cause i cant handle that but recently i've cut off anything heaty like chocolates.even sea food aint too good i heard. i also drink plenty of green tea and lemon juice.
anywayz i'm gonna see how the progress goes with doxy and benzoyl peroxide.
if i get a zit in under three days i am sooo going on accutane. good luck ppl..we will all overcome this! :angel:[/QUOTE]

Bimb, Definately with you on this. In the past 15 years of battling acne, funny enough, I didn't bother too much about my diet. I mean, I took good care of my skin externally but didn't do anything internally. I didn't drink enough water, definately didn't take too much fruits and vege and eat loads of choc, sea food, etc etc 'cos diet is not supposed to cause acne, right. But in the past 7 months when I finally did do something about my diet, well I think it helped me got rid of the acne faster and I healed better too. I also started drinking lemon water in the past 1 month and seriously, I think it is helping....

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