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Same thing with me! Over the last 3-4 years my skin has become very dry. In my 20ies I had combination skin with an oily T-zone. Now my whole face is dry. It is frustrating because acne products are drying. I have dry skin, but have to use the oil free moisturizers for oily skin. I wouldn't dare use the ones for dry skin for fear of breaking out. I found that using a mild cleaner 1 X a day (I use either Mary Kay time wise cleanser or cetaphil) and a SA scrub (recently discovered St Ives medicated scrub) the other time of the day it isn't drying. BP tends to really dry out my skin. I have trouble tolerating it. I have recently started using Green cream and like it a lot. I am kind of surprised that I am tolerating a retinol so well.

Bottom line is I think that you need something for exfoliating when you have dry skin and acne along with the mositurizers. Like you said, the flakes can clog the pores. It does take some time to figure out how much is good for you without making any breakouts worse by irritating the skin. I had some purging with the Green cream, so that is why I recently added the St Ives scrub with SA. And I would never go without a moisturizer 2 x a day.

regarding the other symtoms. I hardly sweat at all. Even when I am working out at the gym. My eyes do burn sometimes.

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