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Has anyone tried this?

I've been trying out a gentle as possible regime for the past few months and while it did help get my acne under control it didn't clear it. After realising that these products (Cetaphil, ACV, Aloe vera) had taken me as far as they could, I decided it was time to face up to the fact that I need some chemicals :rolleyes:

So now I've done a complete 180 and started apply Dettol to my

BUt before you all start telling me I'm nuts just hear me out.

After reading about people having success with soap that contained [I]Chloroxylenol[/I] i went on the hunt, but the only thing I could find that contained it was this cream.

I have been using it for 3 days now and I LIKE IT!! It has caused no major irritation just some minor flaking but even that's not as bad as it was when I was on BP 5%.

Just wondering if anyone else might have tried this, or any other Chloroxylenol products.

some info found on the net
[I]Virtually all cleansers for acne vulgaris contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, Triclosan or just soap/detergent. None of which are remotely close to being broad spectrum, anti-microbial agents. Unfortunately, a truly effective anti-microbial agent chloroxylenol (PCMX), which kills 99.99% of all gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria for up to 12 hours, is not yet available in any product in the mass consumer market in the U.S... However, a few medical supply companies do stock appropriate cleansers that are safe to use on the face. Best is AloeGuard which contains 0.5% PCMX and a skin neutral pH. Moderate to severe acne may respond better to Techni-Care which contains 3% PCMX [/I]

[I]benzoyl peroxide only kills 96% of bacteria. The remaining 4% rapidly proliferate and re-colonize the face long before the next facial cleansing[/I]

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