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Re: Acne chat
May 31, 2005
hiya, no i haven't tried Actimine, or clindamycin phosphate gel and i don't think i've heard of it...
I have i think modrate acne actually sometimes its serve, it gets really bad, round the time of my peroids. I started getting acne when i was say 14 and i'm now 18 and its never fully gone away, i hope tho that when i get older it will, and i will not suffer from acne, cos i want to be able to have nice skin, when i have my wedding day (if i ever have a wedding) etc. Right now my skin, is ok, i have spots but their not big and red, and sore like sometimes they are. I have used so many cleansers on my face, and i swap them, sometimes i go on to using another different product, even though the one i was using isn't run out yet. The ones i have tried are: Exfoliating Clean and Clear Facial Wash, Clean and Clear cream facial wash that one had a sort of soothing effect to it when i put it on, i don't think i remember if they did anything to my skin, i mean like made it clearer, oh yea and i've tried Clean and Clear Blackhead facial scrub, thats ok, with my blackheads, but it doesn't take all of them away tho, and right now i'm using a Cleanand Clear Morning Burst one, its got little exfoliating beads in it, i use it and it takes some of my blackheads away, but i don't think its maker my spots go away. I also use these spot stick things, i've used the T-zone spot stick, that i've just finished using, in fact i used it then i stopped using it, then i went back onto using it again. and i've had the tea tree spot stick with lemon in it, that felt nice when i put it on, it was all cool, but i don't know if it was doing anything, then i'm using a Avon Clear Skin spot stick, don't know if thats doing anything either....i'm using a moistisor sometimes,although sometimes i forget to put it on, i use that Bio-Oil its a orangey oil and you can use it to take away stretchmarks,blemishes,scarring etc, but i think it takes a few months before you see results, i use it, and i think its taking away the scarring on the face, from spots that have left scars....oh yea, the other thing i had tried is a (i forgot the brand)begins with C i think but it was to take the marks away that blemishes make, it was in a thin stick, and i used it i think i saw some of the marks gone away, and just as they were, the stick ran out, and i didn't what to get another one, cos they cost 10

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