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Hello i have this huge thing bulging out of my upper right cheeck and caused my eye to swell and i can see through taht eye but there is a difference in the two eyes like i can tell its still puffy and the pimple looking thing is all red but has no head and bulges out of my skin its size of a quarter, it looks like a bruise but i did nothing to get one there. And i put ice and it has got smaller nickel size now and when u push on it u can feel the liquid move around so im like 80% sure its a pimple. Im thinking about going to the derm and getting cortisone shot but i never been to derm and was wondering if my insurance would cover. also could i just walk in and get shot and not have a plan with the dermatoligist cuz i dont wanna use there bs cream crap. i just want shot. Also how can u tell if is a zit or not. thanks for all help. im thinking of going friday but thats my weekend to party and i dont want it looking worse. how many hours does it take to see a difference. 4-5 hours?

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