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Miranda, Andrew & Disco Dan
I am new on this site and also awaiting the shipment of my Accuzine, kinda scared after reading your posts. Miranda I think we have the same skin type, and I have tried EVERYTHING and may resort to Accutane treatment from my dermatologist.

First, can't remember who saw the link with the top acne recommendations, but I saw it too (sorry had to remove the site, as we can't post where to get or purchase stuff).......although it kinda isn't about purchasing, it is about a survey.......anyways.......

Yes Accuzine was the top. I read that (not Accuzines site) that users found it to be VERY effective, but it takes 8 - 12 weeks to notice!!! So please don't give up just yet. The other users it took 8-12 weeks to see amazing results.

I have read Dr. Perricones book about what is good for your skin, for all types and I have the following information: NuSkin is recommended - see site and ingrediants, Dr. Perricones products are also great, you have to look for these ingrediants to help your acne, scaring, texture and tone:

DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Q10, Vitamin A, green tea and others - see his book - wow! But you should use internal as well and internal. You should also be taking a good Fish Oil Capsule (with Omega 3) everyday along with a really good multi-vitamin. A good thing to buy for scarring and skin tone is: Alpha Lipoic Acid/Vitamin C Ester & DMAE cream for face - look for all 3 in one cream.

Oh and quick note: Accuzine has a few of the above ingrediants, that is why I am trying it, but I am sure it will get worse before better.

One more quick note, if you can find it, Vitamin C Ester just that along will calm your skin, if you have a rash, break outs, discoloration, or if your skin is irritated and so on.

I will be using the above and let you know my results. I am also gonna start Accuzine, so I am not sure which will work, but my derm appt is Oct 25th and if no results by then, I will do Accutane.

I also just heard something on the news, Jessica Simpson, one of the spokespersons for ProActive (yes I have tried and failed at that treatment), she confessed (when asked her best beauty tip) that she had to result in Accutane as a treatment (so ProActive must have either stopped working or never worked for her). But she said ever since Accutane she has not had a breakout. Although with Accutane most people are fine with one treatment period, but some need more than one treatment period........interesting huh.

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