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Hey DiscoDan

Day 24 on acuzine

Thanks for the words of encouragment,its nice to have someone to talk to thats why i come to these boards, for support because the people i talk to (family and friends mostly) don't know what i'm going through, and how i feel on a daily basis about my appearance. I know this sounds kind of stupid but i feel like i need to good all the time (being in Interior Designer) in front of clients.
When i graduated from school and started to look for job, thats when my acne started to flare up(mainly because of stress) it was so hard for me to look for a job because of the way my acne made me feel. I would drop off my resume to all the high end furniture stores, kitchen cabinet companys, etc. and the people that worked there would just look me up and down and say oh, were not hiring at the moment. See i know that sounds stupid!! Right?
Luckly i found a job doing kitchen design @ IKEA and i'm happy there, i also do AutoCAD tutoring( AutoCAD expert now) for students who need a little
extra help on the side.
You see i have a good job, loving family, roof over my head, food on my table, but acne still seems to have a huge effect on my life, and my self confidence.
Hopefully the acuzine will help eventually!
Tomorrow i have an appointment with the derm. I'm interested to know what he has to say about my skin. Could just be a waste of time
How are you doing?


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