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Day 23 on acuzine. Woke up with a couple of new little zits on my cheek :confused: This stuff better be worth it. almost done my first bottle.
Not feeling to happy today, I have my up and down days. You know what really pisses me off, is that today when i was at work i caught one of my clients (I'm a kitchen designer) starring at my face while i was drawing up her floor plans, and i'm pretty sure she were starring at my acne because when i looked up she turned her head quickly.
I'll post tomorrow, don't want to talk anymore


Don't give up yet, Miranda. I know exactly what you're talking about though with people staring at acne. I honestly don't think they do it to gawk or to be rude, it's just natural human behavior. I know I will accidentily find myself staring at people with acne, always with knowing sorrow. It's one of the most demoralizing diseases.

As for me, well im not seeing miracles just yet, but it doesn't seem much worse than before. One of my problems is light, at home apparantly the lighting is soft and yellow and my face can look from good to movie-star great, then you put me under those bright fluorescent lights and I look like someone who barely made it out of an airplane crash. It almost brings me to tears everytime because just when I think it's safe to go out in public, I'll see my reflection in "Bad Lighting" and realize I look worse than ever.

I think today was my 8th day of acuzine, I'm gonna keep praying that it will eventually work its wonders.
Hey guys

I'm on day 33 w/ acuzine, have not seen any improvements, i'm starting to think that i'm breaking out not because of acuzine but, this might sound a bit stupid, but because of showering twice a day. Last year while i was in school i didn't have lots of time in the morning to get ready so i would always shower @ night and just wash my face in the morning and i noticed that when i did shower in the morning my face would get really dry, and then really oily within a few hours. am i just being dumb? Does showering twice a day make your acne worse?
I don't know , i'm just fusturated because i know what it's like to have clear skin, I HAD 2 1/2 YEARS OF CLEAR SKIN AND THEN PROACTIV STOPPED WORKING AND NOW I HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER SOLUTION. PISSES ME OFF THAT SOMETHING THAT HAS WORKED FOR ME, STOPPED WORKING!! i thought that i have found a way to keep me clear


A little update about acuzine, I HAVN'T SEEN ANY RESULTS YET (day 45) I'm starting to think that its all just a pipe dream.
I have a queastion for anyone who would like to respond, can acne products after a while stop working? I think that the proactiv products are making my skin worse because its drying the hell out of my skin and in turn my face is producing more oil (shinny face 2 hours after i wash) does this make sense?

I wash with it once in the morning and before i go to bed


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