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Hey everyone

Do any of you know if head and shoulders is good for those tiny reds bumps around hairline on forehead? I'm pretty sure they were caused by my current conditioner because they appeared one day after i washed my hair.

Miranda (now day 7 on acuzine) :)
hi miranda. could it be that you're allergic to something in yer conditioner? i'd try using a different conditioner, and see if that helps. ali
Thanks arock

I accually went out yesterday and got head and shoulders mild shampoo + conditioner. I'm so excited cause today i'm going to the capilano suspension bridge in north vancouver (i live here and have never been). My mom, aunt and i are going, it's going to be so much fun. Maybe it will get my mind off of my acne.

Miranda :)
i hope the new stuff works. vancouver is such a beautiful city, so clean! i loved visiting kit's beach when i was there, best eggs benedict i ever had. *lol* and of course the shopping is choice too. i hope you have a good time visiting the bridge. i know what you mean. i've lived w/in 100 miles of the golden gate my entire life, but have never walked across (driving isn't the same), and was 25 before i visited alcatraz. c'est la vie, eh? but better late than never! have fun, ali
Capilano suspension bridge was so cool. We also went to granville island market to do some shopping. But you know what really sucks, the whole day we were out surrounded by beautiful nature and all i could think about was how my skin looked and if anyone could notice my acne. I can't believe myself sometimes, I never used to be this way, in the past 3 months its all i can think about and i only have mild acne.


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