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It was recently proven that Accutane is NOT the link to depression or other psycological problems, as once thought. Also, yes, Accutane can be a dangerous drug, but when monitored correctly by your dermatologist, it is a prayer come true for so many people with acne, and not "just" the ones with severe acne.

I do agree that many dermatologists' push the Accutane thing, but it really is the closest thing right now to an acne "cure." It really is a miracle drug. The most common side effects are dry skin, lips, and eyes, join pain, nose bleeds and headaches. Some people experience these symptoms to the extreme, others do not. When I was on Accutane, I had dry lips and slightly drier skin, but that was it. When I went in for my blood tests (to check liver enzymes) they were always perfectly in check. My skin cleared up beautifully!!! I was so depressed about my skin before Accutane (to the point of staying in my room crying almost everday) but after Accutane, I was a new person. Accutane actually not only cleared my skin, but my depression as well!

Perhaps Accutane is not the best path for your son right now, but if his skin progressively gets worse, I hope you don't completely rule out Accutane in the future. My mother was very, very skeptical of me going on Accutane (I was 17 at the time.. almost 21 now) for the same reasons you are skeptical of the drug. But finally, after my constant persisting, my mom reluctantly caved in. After I was done with the treatment, and my skin was soo clear, my mom said she wished she would have let me do it sooner b/c it was SO worth it. It was a relief for all of us.

I understand your concerns with Accutane and pushy dermatologists. Just know that Accutane, for many, many people, is a tolerable drug that gives one of the greatest gifts of all - clear skin! I don't mean to sound like a commercial for Accutane or something, but it just worked so well for me, a few of my friends and even my now boyfriend that I will forever be a fan of the drug - if ever my acne got bad to the point it used to be, I would go back on it a heartbeat.

I commend you for researching the drugs your derm suggests, that is always a wise decision to do your own research before jumping head first into anything. But keep an open mind about Accutane in the future! Good luck to you and your son, I wish him the best. Tell him to hang in there, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! :)

Best wishes
I was very scared of this stuff as well because of all the stuff I had read. I've been on it for almost 5 months with NO problems at all besides a little dry skin. When I say NO problems I also mean no acne!!! I'd trade acne for dry skin everytime!!! I so wish I had considered this stuff earlier. I suffered way too long trying meds that don't get to the root of the problem...the root being the fact that my seb glands (and everyone elses reading this) are too large and produce too much oil. Isotretinoin (accutane) acts by shrink glands, hence dry skin.

I would seriously consider it but also seriously watch for side effects if you decide to take it!

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