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Thank you health 15. I have started using Zinc Gluconate, taking around 75mg a day. I am pretty sure its safe, as its common knowledge that absorption through a tablet is pretty miniscule.

I got the hair analysis done by the request of my naturopath. She wanted to see the status of my minerals, and is convinced that the excess copper in my system is a significant reason behind my 4 year Acne. The test cost $108 (in australia), so its extremely expensive, however the amount we spend for this ******** acne makes this seem less extravagent. I mean, if it solves your problem, think of all the money u'l save in the long term.
I may point out that i am vegetarian, and this is known to be a common cause of copper toxicity/zinc deficiency. just a pointer to any other vegos out there.

I am not saying that this will solve the acne problem, however it could well be a significant factor. Interestingly enough, i searched this board, and found that someone else reduced their acne dramatically by reducing Copper related foods, so i am keen to give that a try. IF any one else has their own insight related to Copper/Zinc and how it can effect acne, PLEASE PLEASE contribute! :D
Thanks Paba! Definetly some interesting reading there. I really wonder if this is the cause behind so many peoples acne!?!?
Amazingly enough, i stumbled upon more articles about similar ideas, all directly relating excess copper to many things.

Check these out:

Remember even though we may not be Zinc deficient, if there is excess copper any amount of zinc will be of little use till the copper is overtaken by the zinc!
After some thorough reading, I can DEFINETLY see links to the acne. If you read the causes of acne, and the symptons of copper excess, fascinating similarities exist.

"Zinc is the main mineral antagonist to copper. Zinc helps to flush excess copper out of the body Copper toxicity is routinely found in those with acne and eczema. Copper can clog the lymph system causing toxins to breakout through the skin. Since it interferes with fat digestion it cause a deficiency of vitamin A, E and essential fatty acids regardless of how much you are taking. Researches have found that elevated copper levels common in both these conditions. Dramatic improvement has been noted when copper levels are corrected." (

Once again, im just basing all this on my research through journals and websites, (should be studyin for my exams!!), but i just find it all so fascinating. It would be great if someone with some REAL medical knowledge that visits these boards could provide us with some definitive answers :)

So if anyone has any ideas about the correlation, or more interesting sites to read, please please post :D

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