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Okay. First of all to answer your questions. I did have a lot of red marks when I first finished accutane. Over time those faded. Accutane does help fade the red marks faster because it exfoliates your skin. I notice that I still have a few really faint red marks that appear when I'm exercising but other than that I hardly notice them. I have a couple of pitted scars on my left temple but those are nothing compared to having acne all over my face.

I know most of you already know this, but it's true that people with clear skin don't visit acne boards. I mean, I hardly think about this place anymore. I used to log on many times a day checking and posting messages. Now the idea doesn't even occur to me because my thoughts don't really go to my skin. I am much more focused on my body clothes hair or whatever. Not that I'm disatisfied with myself at fact at this point in my life (24) I feel the most comfortable about my appearance that I ever have.

So remember, this is not the place to hear about people who were successful in curing their acne. You will mostly hear from people going on yet another course of Accutane, antibiotics, ProActiv or whatever. The clear skinned people are out enjoying their lives. I just really want to come back so that people don't NOT try Accutane becuase they think it might not work. It really worked for me and I'd recommend it to anyone.

And about the birth won't get birth defects if you wait a month after taking Accutane to get pregnant. If people take Vitamin A their babies have a higher chance of birth defects as well. Accutane and Vitamin A are related and cause birth defects in the same way. So...I really wouldn't worry about that as tons of people also take vitamin A and stop taking it for a bit and have healthy babies!!!

Love Mary

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