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I started drinking green tea again while on accutane to combat a weak immune system. At my last derm apt, I am going into month 3, I have 0 cyst or pimples, my derm was amazed how well I had responded to the accutane in such a short period of time, since my acne was so severe I was prepared to be breaking out the entire 6 months. He asked my about my diet, etc and I told him about the green tea and trying to eat clean, and he said it has def made all the difference in my doing so well this soon into the treatment. So in short the green tea, biotin, and clean diet has very much helped me achieve really great results on accutane. Some one on the board said they take green tea supplements, and have had great results from that too, but I just can't down with taking another pill every day. So I will drink mine
Yes, I definitely have to go to the bathroom more frequently because of the green tea, I imagine... Just got thru a fairly bad break out, my newest tactic is cutting out coffee completely and just drinking the green tea (decaf). And I'm being faithful with the juice of a fresh lemon lemon every day added to my tea. I've been then just rubbing the lemon gently across my face, and I swear its fading the "ghosts of pimples past" red marks. I rinse with water after about 10 minutes. Gotta keep trying, gotta keep the faith, although
after 20 years of this, I'm getting slightly impatient, lol.

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