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Hey guys just some information on this subject for you.

1. Without insurance I think we figured it up for someone else on the board and it was $2000 dollars plus based on a 40mg dosage. Roche has a patient assistantance program for those who can't afford accutane, so you might want to check that out.
2. Do some board searches on the topics you are curious about, there is alot of good information on this board, so be sure to look through it. You will have to search for the Roche Assistance program information on this board.
3. Yes you have to jump throught a ton of hoops to get a pres for this drug esp if you are a female. Their is a month waiting period for females if you are approved for another preg test after you start your next period.
4. If you have not tried to treat your acne with many antibiotics you will not be allowed to get accutane this time around. For example if you have just used doxy and differen for a month, no you won't be getting a prescripton for accutane. You literally have to try every thing, for me it was years... before I could get on accutane.
5. The intital breakout really is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be esp if your face is already broken out when you start the meds, which it should be if you are starting accutane. Isn't your face already broken out??? So what is the difference?

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