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I recently watched the movie Super Size Me. Itís basically about a man who eats nothing but McDonalds for a full month. He didnít take any vitamins or any other kind of supplements. Just McDonalds food. He gained about 30 pounds, increased his cholesterol dramatically, and his liver was turned to fat. However, in this entire period he did not get one pimple or outbreak of acne. :confused: Even weeks and months after he stopped eating only McDonalds he still didnít break out. I would imagine fast food restaurants such as McDonalds being the worst quality of nutritional food. Everything is loaded with sugar and chemically processed over and over again. Nothing is healthy about it; even the salads are yogurt parfaits are bad for you. But somehow, the only thing non-affected was the man's face. I mean, it was crystal clear throughout the entire month. Now, nobody in there right mind would eat fast food for every meal for an entire month, but it does prove that your diet doesnít affect your acne as much as you think it does. I too, tried a couple acne diets on this board and avoided all milk, sugar, cut down on my grains and carbs, and mostly ate raw vegetables and fruit. I gave it a while to work but only found myself losing weight and I only have 3% body fat now as a result. However, I still broke out and the diet didnít do anything for me. So for everyone who thinks food is what directly causes acne, I ask you to reconsider. I'm not saying you shouldnít eat healthy, just donít go crazy with these acne diets. I now believe doctors when they say your acne isnt cause by your diet. :p

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