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**yes, it's long, but I wanted to inform of my past treatments, etc**
To bring you up to speed on my acne/treatment:

Age 14 - cystic acne all over my face, especially bad on the chin.

Age 15 - went to a dermatologist and tried:
side note: the derm said my acne was hormonal and wanted me to take birth control, but my mom wouldn't let me.
1. tetracycline and topical - didn't work
2. erythomiacin and topical - found out that I'm allergic to erytho. and break out in hives
3. amoxicillian and topical clindamycin - the clind. didn't work but the amoxicillin worked GREAT. I got the occasional pimple and cyst but never like before.

Fast forward to sophomore year of college, Age 19/20 - never get pimples or cysts anymore except for one possibly right before my period. Possibly because for the previous 2 ish years I've been on birth control pills (ortho tricylin-broke me out, now desogen and it's great). However, the amox is giving me monthly yeast infections that don't go away w/ any kind of treatment. But for clear skin, I suffer.

Age 21 - Sick of the infections so I went to a derm in March. She prescribed Doxycyclin, differin cream and klaron. I decided to take a break (March 31-June 2) from the oral medications to see how my body is w/o now that it's been 5-6 years.

My skin stayed great.

At the end of May, I moved. At least two days in a row I didn't take a shower or wash my face when I woke up (which includes skipping my morning benzoyl peroxide) and by the end of the day had dirt, dust and sweat caked on . Also, 2-3 days I forgot to take the Desogen at my usual time and didn't take it until either the afternoon or night.

The result: my face broke out bad. The worst it had since I found amoxicillian. I had a total of 4 cysts on my chin, 2 on my nose and as those began to clear up, two more popped up on my chin, one on my temple and one on my forehead.

June 2, I filled my prescription for the doxycylin and took it that night. By Sunday things were clearing up and on Tuesday everything had disappeared except for the discolorations and healing spots. I've only been on doxycyclin for 6 full days.

My questions:

- Main ?: could my amoxicillin NOT have been working for the last year or so, except to give me yeast infections, and the desogen WAS?

- Is my body so easily persuaded by antibiotics that 6 days is enough for one to work?

- Was my hormonal acne thrown off it's clear path by me taking the bc pills at odd times, as well as not cleaning my face?

- Is my face reverting back to its 15-year-old self after not having the antibiotics for 2 months? (Since antibios only work by having a continuous amount in your body, and are flushed out after not taking them for 12 hours, I don't see how it could have been helping for 2 months after I stopped taking it)

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