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Re: Noooo accutane!
Jun 10, 2005
hey mike! progress is coming along nicely. i'm soooo ready to cycle off this stuff, but i think i still have a coupla months to go. i'm still having blackheads coming out of my skin from time to time, so gross! but whatever. i'm definately ready to not hafta pay for it anymore! :eek: anyhoo, skin is mostly clear, save for the blackheads, i'm a very happy girl, other than i can't enjoy my cocktails with my girls. couldn't even get a little toasted on my bday! not since vegas, so hungover! oh well. could be worse, i could be tipping everyday with acne, i'd rather be dry and clear, you know what i mean! ;)

i think you'll start to clear up soon, i don't see how you could help it on the 80mgs. that's what did it for me. i was cleared up in under a month, it was pretty amazing, and from some severe cysts too. one of the cysts was about as long as my index finger, about as wide as my thumb and stretched across my left jaw. took six weeks of injections to get rid of, i'm not gonna complain about a coupla blackheads! *lol*

how are you doing with the higher dose? any more side effects? nausea, joint pain, hair loss, nose bleeds? i've had everything here and there, except the nose bleeds, i keep shoving aquaphor up my nose cuz it gets so dry! haha nasty, yes, but it helps that "what the hell's up my nose?!" feeling. um, use a q-tip. hahahaaaaaa

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