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One of my friends has been on ortho tri cyclen for years and it hasn't helped her acne at all. But her's may be bacterial instead of hormonal. I would try Yasmin if I were you.
I have also been on Yasmin for about five months the first 2 months my skin was perfect....then it took a turn for the worse and I was completely broken out in cystic acne!!!!! Never happened to me before and I also had major anxiety and depression from Yasmin maybe birth control just isnt for me!!! I think alot of people like Yasmin though it didn't work for me though. I went off Yasmin after about 5 months when I finally realized it was the pill that was doing this to me!! After that my breakouts went on ortho and there back arghhh!!!! Should have never gone back on. I never experienced an initial breakout on Yasmin for me it got better before it got worse. When you stopped ortho low did you finish your pack or stop in middle of month? is that bad?
I was on Ortho tricyclin for about a year and half to two years. For the last half of that time I had bad mood swings and worse acne from it (I was also on amoxicillin for acne and even that didn't help it - which now that I think about it, could be because my body had become immune to it...). I talked to my doctor and she suggested I try Desogen because it was cheaper (I was going to my university's campus health center) from their pharmacy than Yasmin, but was similar.

I love it. I have no complaints. Like with most medications, your skin can get worse before it gets better. Like others have said, give it 2-3 months before you say it isn't working. Your body needs time to adjust.

Birth control pills are funny because they are different with each body. Just because Ortho has the stamp of approval w/ helping acne doesn't mean that it will for everyone. It could do the opposite like it did for me. (I think the monophasic pills work better with my body than triphasic...) However, Yasmin may not do it for you either. You're on the right track w/ researching different choices, but really the only way to know if it'll be the pill for you is by trial and error. Unfortunetly. Good luck!

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