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good advice ts! so many people do not do their homework before starting accutane.

here is my experience w/ accutane: dry skin, YES. use a good lotion and use it often. chapped lips, YES, constant lip balm is a must. initial breakout YEEES! mine lasted four months, but that is not typical, typical is a few weeks, but i think mine was exacerbated by the ortho evra birth control patch. physical activity, depends ont he person, the activity, the dosage and length of time on the drug, but i'd say, probably yes. i've been on it 7 months and it's only recently that i've had to chillax on my workouts a bit. food and drink, stay away from vitA supplements and alcohol, cut back on the saturated fats and such, eat and drink healthy b/c the drug can take it's toll on your liver, kidneys, cholesterol and triglycerides. i had problems with these items, but am controlling them through diet.

good luck and do your research! ali

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