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Re: Scars
Aug 2, 2005
i suffer from mild acne..but can be quite severe during my period. and when i dont have any spots atall, i still have the scars! which really depresses me, as they don't cover well. i was wondering if there is anything i could use to help make the scars go away quicker! it usually takes months before a scar from a spot dissapears! ans by then ive got even more![/QUOTE]

[B]Fendergirl, Please take some comfort in the knowledge that I had mild acne for 9 years which resulted in scarring, 1 year & [B][U]5 chemical peels[/U][/B] later, my skin is now flawless, no scars, not even so much of an enlarged pore, line or wrinkle. Everyone that has got acne should take some comfort in that.[/B]

I really do wish I knew at 15 what I know now because I could have saved myself alot of heartache. Through all them 9 years I realised the "Healthy Foods" I thought were doing me good were in fact the main cause of my acne which were poisioning me constantly. I 100%, totally believe that the people who have acne for 10+, 20+, 30+ years, they are constantly poisioning themselves with the foods they eat and until they stop eating them foods, they could quite possibly have acne all there lives.

But its tough. For me personally to reverse my acne I had to go Vegan, Wheat & Gluten Free & follow the "Evil" Lectin diet. 1 month later after doing that, I was 100% clear and haven't had a spot since. If I didn't do that, [U]I know for a fact[/U] I would have acne right now because my father had acne for over 20 years and it was only till every pore on his face had been literally infected did his acne go. He wouldn't have grown out of it otherwise.

Try to do everything possible right now to limit the damage as much as you can, once your acne is over, then go out and let a qualified dermatoligist apply the chemical peels.

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