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Im 22 years old, finally with only a pimple or 2 every once in a while.
I have fought with acne since i was about 14. In the beginning I only had a few pimples on my forhead. After about a year, and the use of clearasil, my acne went to the next level, large cysts on my face and body. I went for some bacteria cultures and found out that I had along with my acne a staphylococcus aureus infection. I used everything from antibiotics to accutane. Antibiotics worked for their duration, but had their toll on my organism. accutane worked for a bit, but in the end was too dangerous for its small benefit on me. plus since then i have dry eyes. What helped me was visiting an aestetician, who cleaned my skin once every 1 or 2 months, and used certain fruit acids which she made on her own. So one thing that helps, is having your skin professionally cleaned of whiteheads etc every month or 2. Especially before summer and after. Sun is beneficial, but not when you get burned.

Next, I have tried infinite soaps and cleansers, from neutrogena to clinique. The best for me cleanser is murad for problem skin, cleanser and toner. Nothing makes my skin breathe like these 2 products. I believe that having fresh cleansed skin is the first step in fighting acne. Morning and before bed and after exercise.FWet face with warm water massage on face not too hard for about a minute, then rinse off with warm water, and then with cold water. A exfoliating product is very helpful, again murad has the best that i have used. Finally an oil free moisturiser is needed, because even oily skin can lack hydration. Murad once again is best for me. Don't forget sunscreen(oil free always!)
For small blemishes the salicylic acid spot treatments help, many companies have them.
For the guys, allways shave with the grain, NEVER AGAINST! I made this mistake and had problems with ingrown hairs. Oh and use a pre shave scrub to clear away those dead cells and sebum. I use h20 for men black ice scrub.

The other things that have helped me are lots of water i.e around 2 liters a day. Exercise, really helps, as long as you shower quickly after the workout in order to get all that sweat off your body.

Diet I believe has its effects on everyone, one way or another. For me I found out that all fatty foods especially nuts, butter etc can aggravate my acne. However if I consume these foods for breakfast im ok. In other words, I never eat high fat foods after about 2 p.m. Only high protein foods(chicken, fish, turkey etc)
, complex carbs(vegetables, fruits, brown rice, black bread) and olive oil which is very healthy, not extravagant amounts, but a tablespoon or two on a salad. Dairy products are ok, however drinking milk at night seems to have a light negative effect on acne at least for me. Oh and always take a multivitamin every morning.

Another thing that has helped me a lot is saw palmetto, I believe in herbs quie a bit, and this herb has helped. I also know that milk thistle, stinging nettle, and artichoke are very good for fighting acne. Saw palmetto and stinging nettle inhibit DHT production which is one of the causes of acne. This helps men, however it doesnt really help women due to DHT being
already low in females. Artichoke and milk thistle help cleanse the body internally and is for both menand women.

Finally do not bother your pimples on your own. Fight the temptation, trust me I know. Go to a professional as I mentioned before.
And another thing, sexual activity, whether that be with a partner or by your self certainly helps. Don't forget to use condoms! Oh and sleep is important too. Smoking is bad for skin, and so is excessive alchohol cosumption.

Well this is what I have to offer, I hope that some of this helps some people, as I have spend lots of money and time trying to fight acne. I hope to save people a bit of time and money with this info, as well as the pain that we acne sufferers go through, which only we understand. All I can say is keep fighting it, and you will be rewarded. Me for one, from a teenager with bad skin problems have moved on to being a model. Good luck!

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