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Hi Sweetjade1. I’ve been around this forum a long time and so have you. I haven’t really spoken to you directly and I need some help. I have read your posts regarding hormonal imbalance. First, I would like to say that my case of acne isn’t that bad anymore. In fact, now I have my acne 80% under control. When I first came to this forum a few years ago. I was on accutane, but my face was still had acne. My face did clear up, but my acne came back a few months after my course was done. My acne got bad again. Then I started to read your posts, Dr. Perricone’s book, and other important threads regarding the acne –diet connection and my face greatly improve. Interestingly, it turned out that the foods that I had initially regarded as “healthy” were the foods that were triggering acne all the long. After experimentation and trial and error, I was able to figure out that it was corn, carrots, peas, bananas, and diary products that were the acne causers. It made so much sense since avoiding all the oily and “unhealthy” foods, sleeping early, washing my face regularly, and doing all the traditional things hardly made a difference. I also found out I break out from Vitamin B Complex.

However, although I have the controlled most of my acne, I still get occasional small mini-breakouts, which aren’t that bad at all, but are still really annoying. I winning, but I haven’t won the battle yet. The fact that I am still getting acne demonstrates that am still very much prone to getting a super breakout if I weren’t doing anything with my diet. However, regardless of what I am eating, I still want to find out what hormonal imbalance do I have. I am going to see an endicronologist sometime next week and I am going to consult him/ her regarding having tests. Like you said, it would be great for us to know the “blueprint” of our body. However, I am not sure what particular tests and what deficiencies or imbalances I have.

I am writing to you because I am asking

1) what tests should I have?
2) based on the tests, what should I look for?
3) If I do in fact have a deficiency and imbalance, what can I do about it? (treatments… etc)

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