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Hi Sweetjade1

Thanks for the response!

I am getting both whiteheads and tiny bumps. Currently, I have one whitehead on my left cheek and three tiny bumps - one on my right cheek and two on my chin. Nothing bad at all. Nothing to really worry about it. But I still want to put an end to it.

Being Asian, rice is predominant in my diet. I know that rice is big contributor to acne, but what confuses me is that i am gone through long stages of eating lots of rice and not getting any acne. Knowing my skin, my sensitivity to rice and most carbs doesn't seem to be bad at all. I break out more from the "healthy" foods that i mentioned as well as the oily and fatty foods. I am a runner and workout and jog, so could this be related to the fact i "burn out" my carbs and use it as energy? I'm confused. I always seems clearer when I follow an exercise routine.

Regardless of my diet, as I said in this thread, I am writing to you because primariy I am going to see an endricronologist and I am going to have tests. Tht's the issue i want to resolve first. I listed my questions on the top of the previous posts with hormonal imbalances, tests, and deficiencies. As you can tell, these are all your previous posts and I am most interested and finding out if I have an hormonal imbalance or deficiency of some sort.


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