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hi nm80, i just went to the derm with my friend,and she has been getting what looks like pimples on her arms but they are smaller and red. anyway, i cant remember the long name the derm said(i keep forgetting to do a search on the net) but its not acne although she said its acne related(more common condition in people who deal with acne) and its the build up of dead skin cells around the hair follicle which becomes irritated. she said to exfoliate the skin really well in the shower with a loofah and then apply Amlactin 12% mousturizing cream. she gave us alot of sample packs of this cream, but told us to ask the pharmacist for it although you dont need a prescription to buy it. that was about 2 weeks ago, and tabbys arms look great. the derm also told us that this condition will keep coming back and you just have to do treatment again. it cleared up almost immediately. some of the bumps kinda looked like bugbites, and some looked more like small hard pimples, but they are all gone. hope this helps!
Hey, It could be Keratosis Pilaris, which is tiny bumps on the back of your arms (they could also be on your legs or butt). There is no cure for this (its not dangerous, just unsightly) but you can keep it under control...gently exfoliate the bumps with a scrub or with glycolic acid. Always moisturize because after all this is a dry skin condition.

You could try taking Flaxseed oil, which could help...I have KP and I just started taking Flaxseed oil..

Also getting some sun really helps (i would suggest natural sunlight as opposed to the beds)....If you get a tan that really helps to conceal the bumps and flatten them out.

Hope this helps :)
its the amlactin 12% cream i was talking about in the earlier post. it really has helped my friends arms clear up. she said to ask the pharmacist for it, that you dont need a prescriptionthough. i had never even heard of it until she gave us the sample packs and wrote the name out on a prescription piece of paper. she said her daughter has to use it too, but to first exfoliate really well with a loofah, then apply. 2 days later tabbys arms were clear. before we went to the derm, i had tabby putting mousturiser on her arms, and neosporin 1x a day, and nothing helped.

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