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I check in on this board now to remember how much i depended on it and how it felt like the only true thing that i could find refuge in for my skin and state of mind.... And since i am clear, i owe it to you all to tell you how i did it.

Here's My story...
I have been batteling acne since I was 14...and most prominently since I turned 19. I am now 29, and have now controlled my acne for the last 6 months and gotten rid of red marks/scars.

I have tried it all-except acutane. It truly was the bane of my existance. We all know how this skin condition can make you isolate yourself from the world. And, on top of this-pick, which I did severly for a year-hence the red marks and scars that needed to go.

Last november- 2004- I was at my wits end. So tierd of covering up with make up-BEFORE my boyfriend would wake up, or before going to the gym.... I had a face full of acne that made me want to hide. More specifically, i had this litltle white bumps ALL OVER MY FACE. And some would erupt, that would be the pimple. But i had closed comodones all over...

I went to see a dermatologist and she said she was confident she could get my skin to clear if i followed her instructions. Luckily i had the time and money to invest into it(time-meaning downtime)
She wanted to get me on a new face care regime(i was trying reitn-a micro for the 2nd time) and get me doing some peels. Glycolic peels make the world of difference. More after i list the products below...

I began by doing this regiment:
Wash with cleanser
Wash with benzol peroixide scrub
run an ice cube all over face-it soothes and reduces inflamation and redness
pat dry with paper towel
apply glycoloc acid toner (10%)
apply bezol peroxide(began first month and half with 5% then went to 10%)

this is what i did every morning and every night

In the day I would also lightly pat on a Dr. Peter Roth oil free suncreen spf 20(i bought at sephora)

ANd twice a week i would apply a face mask-sulfur one-also Dr. Peter Roth


Now for the Peels. I was anxious and devotedly desperate for results when i first began. I had 4 face peels in the course of 1 and half months- and extraactions in the meantime. Everyweek i was going in. Basically, you need a couple days downtime to peel where your skin gets red,crusty and peels off. It thins the skin and strips away all the junk with it. This got rid of red marks and controlled my acne and allowed my products to penetrate the skin more.

She especially stressed using spf 20 during day, because the sun and sun burns thicken your skin, and thus, make it harder to clear skin.

So basically, since January, I have notcied an incredible change in my skin. I still get the pms pimples- 1 or 2- but i dont care about this...My skin is smooth and no longer feels like brail sheets. I am clear, and so confident i hardly wear make up anymore.

FYI- i now go for peels once every month and a half-actually its been 2, but more important to maintain my skin now are the extractions- about every 4 weeks.

Good luck!

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