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Hey well get this, Jessica Simpson doesn't use Proactive - you wanna know how she got her skin so clear? Accutane. Yup. She gets paid to speak for Proactive, but that is NOT what she used to clear her skin. Sweet Jessica is pulling the wool over all our eyes now isin't she? Just a lesson - just because a celebrity is speaking for a product, doesn't mean they actually use it. Think about all those celebrities who speak for "at home hair coloring"... do you actually think a celebrity who makes millions a year would run to wal-mart and buy a $7.00 package of hair color, do their own hair, then high-tail it to the Grammy's with ::gasp:: at home hair color gleaming off their head? I don't think so!!

Moral of the story ... don't buy in it to the celebrity hype!! In my opinion, if a company has to resort to having famous people plug their product on infomercials, than it's not that great of a product to begin with. I'm a marketing major - i know the tricks.
hmm...what you say might be true cassie but this wasnt to be paid to jessica simpson, because she really did use proactiv and for some reason i believe she didnt get results from accutane but from proactiv. Thanks for your comment though.
Well.. in fact, a few years ago Jessica Simpson was quite vocal about being on Accutane. I am not making this up, do your own research and you will find that she in fact was on Accutane, and has been quoted talking about her experience with it. Only recently has she been speaking for Proactive, and many people believe she is participating in deceptive advertising, because for all of us who have been on Accutane, we know that it was the Accutane that cleared her up in the first place.

The Proactive she "claims" to use now may be what she uses as maintenance to keep her skin clear, but I guarantee that is not what cleared her up in the first place.

Deceptive advertising is all around us guys - just don't buy into the first product you see a celebrity "claiming" they use. No matter how credible you may believe the celebrity to be, you must understand that they are offered a hefty check to endorse these products - even if that entails lying about their own experience.

Please, I am not trying to endorse Accutane here, nor am I trying to knock down Proactive... all I am saying is do your own research and don't rely on what some celebrity has to say about it.

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