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I had really bad acne ever since I was 13 years old. it started out little bumps and than grew into these big bumps red and sort of tough. it scarred my skin and ruined my life, than I found my new doctor and surprise surprise she isn't a dermatologist ( I had seen a dermatologist and he seem to make things worse for my skin) anyways, she gave me clindamycin phosphate topical usp 1% that I used twice a day (morning and night: and I wore makeup over it during the day when I went to work it didn't effect it, althought whenever I'm home I stay makeup free), she also gave me benzoyl peroxide gel usp 5% and than 10% that I put on before I went to sleep at night, I wash my face with clean & clear oil free acne wash ( that you can get from any target or drug store), and to avoid dryness in the beginning of my using the medicines I rubbed on vitamin E oil in the morning and sometimes at night, U have to pick your times for that because it makes your face look really oily. then Vitamin E oil I chose to use myself because my face is really sensitive to lotions but the E worked great I have very minimal dryness. It took about two-three months to see the results , that was a year ago and now I am break out free, I didn't change my diet or workout (but I do recommend workingout and eating right) and no matter what where ever I was I ALWAYS washed my face and applyed my medicines before I went to sleep.
my new hurtle is the scars acne left behind , I no longer use Vitamin E I've putting on cocabutter cream and it seems to be working slightly. well there's my story peeps, if you have ne questions leave for me and I'll answer.

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