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[QUOTE=Constant]The theory is histamines, with a cursory visit to insulin resistance. Puberty resolves but in many cases acne does not. Babies are born, pregestational diabetes resolved, and an adult woman many times has a life long suffering of acne. A GTT can be performed and show no insulin problems yet still a woman suffers endlessly. Peri-menopause, menopause, menses etc. can cause significant flareups.

As far as food allergies I'm a bit confused. Your above posts seems to contradict what was said earlier. That being said, what would be the definition to food intolerances be? Latose intolerance? Does this then lead to acne?

Puberty can bring on insulin resistance but it also brings on huge hormonal changes.

One cannot rule out hormones. At the very least both are culprits.

Now back to histamines, are you suggesting histamines create insulin resistance or insulin resistance creates abundance of histamines?

I feel like I'm running in circles here.[/QUOTE]

Oh my, apologies for any part I may have played in you feeling like your running in circles, but Iím glad Kkpb helped things out ;-)

As was mentioned earlier, Insulin Resistance is what causes the temporary hormonal imbalance, and as such, it's a neccessary occurance during puberty in order to further grow and develop secondary sex characteritics. Well, at least that's what I've gotten of the journal articles and abstracts I've read.

Unfortunately as I pointed out, some members, such as myself, can be born premature, and develop precocious puberty, and experience (silently) increasingly worse insulin resistance/PCOS throughout their life until they [U]finally[/U] get hit with a serious metabolic health problem.

A GTT can be performed and show no abnormalities, if you are experiencing Stage I Insulin Resistance. [B]Insulin Resistance is defined as being Asymptomatic, meaning you won't show clincal signs of a problem until it gets worse[/B] (official exception being [I]Acanthosis Nigricans[/I] in 99% of cases). Otherwise, GTT abnornalities are not present until Stage 2. Of course the later stages, Stage 4 & 5 are different severities of Type II Diabetes.

You are correct about this topic being created initially to discuss histamine hypersensitivity, BUT as Kkpb has already mentioned, it has evolved to included insulin resistance, among other diseases because at this point, it doesn't seem that one causes the other...but there may still be a connection...possibly [B]inflammation[/B].

What has been noted is that high histamine levels can be found in the blood of (certain) acne sufferers and in the blood of those that suffer from allergies, and probably intolerances and other hypersensitivities as well. However, it's not solely the histamine, but what the immune system does as a result of it's presence...create [B]more[/B] inflammation.

When dealing with ANY hypersensitivity, inflammation is usually [U]one[/U] of the symptoms, but it can show up through edema, tongue swelling, swelling of the bronchial tube, or some form of dermat[B]itis[/B] for example. Therefore this is the biggest connection because [B]acne sufferers have quite a few inflammatory products that contribute to the development of acne and sebum production.[/B] In fact, there's a few studies indicating that one such inflammatory product [B]IL-1 alpha [/B] is responsible for [U]initiating[/U] microcomedone (whiteheads & blackheads) formation!

Thus what this thread is doing is examining the role of the (skinís) immune system, and subsequently inflammation, in determining a possible root cause of acne. Of course, hormones still play a role here for certain cases of acne (that are linked to disorders currently not assoc. w/chronic inflammation), but because [B]SILENT [U]long term [/U] inflammation, can [U]also [/U] lead to certain Hormonal, Metabolic and even a few Auto-Immune Disorders that have acne as a symptom, including: Histadelia, Insulin Resistance/PCOS-Hyperandrogenism, Hypothyroidism, Lupus, (Microbe infections), and Leaky Gut Syndrome,[/b] itís seems like a good idea to discuss this particular angle. Furthermore, taking into account that members of this board have found success in diet or found that they broke out as a result of toothpaste or some skin care ingredient, it appears that Delayed Type Hypersensitivity (DTH) reactions (results in [U]delayed[/U] reactions as opposed to an [U]immediate [/U] reaction seen in allergies) has the ability to connect [B]all [/B] forms of acne. Upon looking at how many different types of acniforms there are and what are there various causes (some of us have more than one), this connection appears even more plausible :


[i] Comedonica
Rosacea[/i](has subtypes)
[i] Venenata

(Can you determine the cause by itís name?)

Therefore, if you, or any others, are curious as to whether you may be experiencing silent chronic inflammation, you should have a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Lipid Profile, and most importantly a C-Reactive Protein test (hsCRP) run. [B]High levels of CRP is a marker of inflammation and is indicative for heart disease, but it is also used to check for other Inflammatory Diseases as well as Auto-Immune Diseases (also inflammatory)[/B] and as such, it may help determine if you are at risk for certain health problems (releated to acne) or may already be (subclincally) experiencing them.

If you are concerned that you may have thyroid abnormalities or glucose intolerance you should has also have your Thyroid Hormones, a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) and various measures of glucose tolerance run (GTT, etc).

For those that can afford it, getting your Sex Steriod hormones (Progesterone, Total T, Free T, DHEA, Androstenedione, Estrogen), LH, FSH, & associated enzymes would also be a VERY good idea.

Hope that helped some =)

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