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New here and very interested in this histamine theory. I am 35 5'7" 116lbs. (try to stay @ 120lbs) which is very thin for me. I have "adult acne" that seems to be incurable and is causing me tremendous amounts of stress. I also get sporadic skin rashes that itch like mad then go away. I have been to dozens of derms, esteticians, now holistic and nutrionalist. NOTHING seems to goal is to gain weight and control the cysts like inflamed bumps I get on my chin and around my mouth& t-zone. Currently using doycline (sp?) plexion cleansing cloths, trying not to eat dairy or yeast, differen [email protected] night and duac in the am. Also..just started to take spirnolactone to see if that will help. ( it seems to make my nose run and make me sneeze!) Also I do feel a lot of times that my body is trembling from the inside out and lately it seems worst..
My question is I saw one person said taking zantac helped her symptoms...isnt that for heartburn?
My other question is how long did it take to notice the results from clariten? ( i really would like to try taking it but am afraid of taking 3 different meds at the same time).
UGH I am overwhelmed and confused!!!

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