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Firstly..I am sorry to have taken so long to reply, i have been very busy for the last 2 weeks.

but i am very interested in the research done by erica. they seem to back up the theory quite well. My initial perspective was that pharmaceutical h2 antagonists would be inaffective, but these two studies seem to suggest that they may actually be affective, especially the first abstract that you posted.

to answer your questions.
erica..when i was studying pre-clinical medicine i had to do biochemistry and i came across it then. I was intriged by many of the signs and symptoms of histadelia, because i seemed to have them. Also many of the treatments for histadelia are also treatments for acne, histamine increases metabolic rate and increases toxin (reactive oxygen species..ROS) production, on a cellular level, that is why many people who eat a very healthy diet still get acne, because the problem is with food itself.

I then learnt about the effects of histadelia on insulin resistance (there is a direct correlation due to chronically increased carbohydrate metabolism), and on modulating the immune system (as mentioned in the second abstract you posted). The ROS causes increased inflammation, and modulation of receptor sites IN THE NUCLEUS of ketatinocytes and sebocytes in the skin. These receptor sites are called peroxisome proliferator activated receptors (PPARs), these receptors work along side...and this is where things get really interesting....thyroid nuclear receptors(thyroid hormone levels affect acne), retinoic acid receptors(where tretinoin and isotretinoin work), vitamin D and androgen receptors. The interaction of these receptors determines the rate at which keratin is shed and at which sebum is produced.

Both ALA and essential fatty acids act on PPARs, similarly zinc forms a key part of the retinoic acid receptor and without enough zinc vitamin A cannot work to decrease ketatin proliferation.

With regards to the chinese medical connection. I had a long discussion with a chinese doctor, who described the fact that food itself creates the ROS which cause the acne, because acne sufferers have a genetically fast metabolism. I realised that histadelia also is associated with a rapid metabolism and excessive toxin production, since i have most of the signs of histadelia, my theory was that this could be the cause of the super fast metabolism and hence my acne.

your last point is a very good one..ALA probably works in many ways, antioxidant increasing insulin sensitivity, and as a positive modulator of PPARs. But all these positive effects oppose the negative effects of histadelia, have your blood glucose checked randomly, in my case it is always slightly high, not diabetic but high, due to the fast carbohydrate metabolism, chronically raised glucose leads to insulin resistance. But the problem isnt insulin, because injecting insulin has been shown to improve acne. Also complete fasting improves acne, thus the problem is high blood sugar levels, where does the sugar come from and why is it too high if you don't eat a sugary diet?

Now for smites questions..sorry if these answers are not as good as they might be but i am writing this at nearly 2am and am knackered.

1. i have had acne for 9 years, normally mild-moderate (with antibiotics, tretinoin, niacinomide, azeliac acid and various supplements) has been very severe three times, (i have been on isotretinoin twice)

2. i have just finished 1 month of toxin-histadelia treatment, and need to replenish supplies tomoro. Although the first two weeks of treatment were so sucessful that i got slack on some of the regime (ie. calcium), i mainly take the chinese herbs, methionine (with other liver support), msm, ALA as well as the usual acne supplements.

3. My current status, (which i measure by how much benzoyl peroxide and cover cream i need in order to go outside) is...i could happily go out with no Bp or cover cream, which is brilliant for me, but i have slacked in the last week, (not taken supps at regular hours, skipping breakfast, pizza, cookies, pizza etc) so i currently have about 4-5 tiny non-inflammatory white heads, (NB 5 weeks ago i wouldn't have considered them spots worth counting).

4.I have started taking acetyl-L carnitine, because it improves the penetration of ALA into mitochondria to clean it up, at the moment i take 600mg ALA with 400mg Acetyl L carnitine, however i may re-evaluate this
latter dose soon.

5. If you want to get the herbal medicines then i suggest you visit a chinese doctor, they arent things to order on-line without first having your toxic load examined by a chinese doctor (they do this by taking an acne history, palpating your pulses and examining your tongue), because the dose is not fixed and they are powerful treatments. The difference between them and other detox herbs is that they dont just cleanse the liver and the blood, but also the cellular mitochondrion as well as regulating your metabolism. the herbs are written in chinese so i cannot write them, but i will see if i can find out for you.

In the interest of completeness, i will also say that probably the only food group that generally produces the least toxins is green vegetables. I have also noticed that my tolerance to other food groups seems to have changed, i now seem to get tired after eating bread!? i never did before. This may be coincidental. I also use niacinomide gel in the mornings and cetaphil cleanser so that you know.

Lastly because of the posts by erica i will be adding cimetidine to my daily regime at night. Hope thats ok..
good night

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