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** I read Jellybean's post and was going to post this in that thread, but then I figured I might as well let others know what's worked for me. I think, like myself, a lot of people don't realize when something they're doing is working. We like to try out different things in hopes that something will be our miracle treatment. Really, we need to find something that we know doesn't cause the acne and keep that our "control" while we try one or two other products to see if they work or not.
A few months ago, my face was still bad (cystic acne everywhere on my chin, other spots over other parts of my face, acne on my chest and back), I was depressed, hated to look in a mirror and didn't want to even go to work. I was very close to taking Accutane - I had even made an appointment with my dermatologist to begin it. Thankfully, she was so booked I had to wait a month.

Then I remembered that benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid worked for me. So I decided to stop buying all the new products that come out and try my old standbuy.
Note: Dan, the creator of The Regimen, has something to his idea. I don't think everyone needs as much benzoyl peroxide as he suggests but he's hit on something. Using a lesser % of BP but more of it does tend to work, great!
Here's what I do, and did for years until last year when I decided to try other things for a while... and suffered for it.

Both morning and night:

- wash with a gentle cleanser
(not too gentle, stay away from Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser or any others that include Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is better, but still, the further down the list of ingredients the better)

- use a 2% salisylic acid pad gently over your face
(When I use BP alone, my face isn't as clear. I like Oxy, Stridex didn't work for me. Also, go w/ less than 2% if your face isn't handling it)

- apply 2.5-5% BP
(if that's not working, try the 10% OR just increasing the amount of BP you put on. Dan reccommends 1-2 finger lengths.)

- Follow with a moisturizer
(make sure you read the ingredients, stay away from anything that is known to cause acne. My favorites are Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion; 99-100% Aloe Vera gel - great if you're super oily but isn't as moisturizing as the lotions; jojoba oil; and my new try, Neutrogena/Equate Healthy Skin Lotion w/ spf.)


- I take a daily multivitamin multimineral, my birth control pill, and an acidophilus pill

- make sure to not touch your face during the day

- change your pillow cases and face towels regularily (every other day or weekly)

- if you wear makeup, make sure you wash your hands with soap before applying it (also, check out Cory Cosmetics or other mineral cosmetics)

- Have tea tree oil on hand for spots that need help going away

- Neosporin cream is great if you need help healing a spot - just don't use it for longer than directed on the tube

Note: I'm not on antibiotics anymore. I used to take amoxicillian for 5 years, I think it did stop working after 2 or 3 years. BP, Sal Acid and Cetaphil is what kept me clear. I'm also taking Desogen/Apri bcps. I do believe that this helps me as my acne is partially hormonal. I also stopped using the Klaron lotion and Differin prescriptions I had from my dermatologist.

If you've actually read through all this and made it this far ;) and want to know anything more about anything I mentioned, just ask me! I didn't want to make this any longer by explaining what 10% BP didn't do that 2.5 and 5% does, why acidophilus can help acne, and what I do for my back/chest acne.

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