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How i cured my acne
Jun 29, 2005
I want to share my story so that maybe I can help someone else! I really believe in what I have to say as it has worked for me and the whole program just makes alot of sense once you read through and realise what causes the acne etc.

First of all, you dont have to buy any fancy skin products. I'll let you know now, the only thing I used to cleanse my face was low fat milk. Its a very gentle cleanser, it works just enough to get the dirt off and it doesnt upset your skin. I am very sensitive and whenever I would use other products my skin would flare up. So I just use put my face under the shower, then when I hop out and dry myself, I get some cotton make-up pads, dip them in low fat milk then gently glide over face until all dirt is removed. I do this once a day. I dont even need moisturiser now. Because it doesnt strip my skin of necessary oils.

Now, first thing I did was visit the nautropath. These people are amazing. I dont care what people say, your acne is a result of whats going on inside of your body. Maybe you eat too much sugar, maybe you have an allergy, maybe you have bacteria in your body. Whatever it is, definately visit a nautropath and see whats going on inside your body. You may be lacking the necessary vitamins to keep your skin healthy.

For me, my problem was I was not getting enough zinc, and not eating enough protein. And beware of fruit. I think vegetables are much better for you as they dont have as much sugar. Fruits, although they are natural, they have sugar which can send your blood sugar levels up.
So I limit by fruit intake to just having it at dessert.

I started on this healthy eating program called "Metabolism-Balancing program".
Here it is:

As soon as you wake up, drink 2 glasses of filtered water.
Now depending on your weight, you could need to drink more.

138.6 pounds or less (2 glasses)
140.8-154 pounds (3 glasses )
156.2-167.2 pounds (4 glasses )
Over 167.2 pounds ( 5 glasses)

20minutes after drinking the water, you may start eating!

Wholegrain cereal or porridge and you may add honey if you wish.

You dont have to eat, but you must have a glass of water.
If I felt like more, I would either have a glass of vegetable juice, cup of green tea or a handful of nuts and seeds.

LUNCH (no later than 1:30pm)
A glass of water. With either a chicken salad or a tuna salad (canned tuna is fine), dont add any salad dressing! Or if your feeling like something more like a sandwich, basically have the chicken or tuna salad on wholegrain bread, not white bread.

Same as morning tea. You must have a glass of water.

Variate between having Chicken,fish and red meat. Adding vegetables to the meal.Take a multi-vitamin after eating.

Natural yoghurt with fruit added if you wish.

Now, I followed this program dead on....and I will tell you....make breakouts became less frequent and less fierce. There are times when I wont get a pimple for a all! And occasionally I'll get one ot two, but its definately nothing to worry about. My blackheads are also starting to clear up and just in general my skin is alot healthier.

I also take a vitamin B supplement for 2 weeks before my period and that usually sorts out those hormonal breakouts.

One more thing! Change your pillowcase every night, it stops bacteria spreading.

Hope someone can find some help from this!

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