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I had noninflammatory and inflammatory acne since i was 11. When i was about 20 I stopped getting the inflammatory kind, but I still had 100-200 noninflammatory pimples every day of my life. [I]I have tried just about everything out there![/I] [/I]

[B]Six months ago I cured my acne, and it only cost me 5 bucks! [/B]

The type of skin i have: oily, and sensitive with noninflammatory acne in all areas, easily over dried. If this is you also, the treatments I have tried will probably give you similar results!

[I][B]Below "My Story" I have listed what products and treatments I have tried, and what results they have produced for me and my friends.[/B]

My Story: How oxy pads have changed my life!

I was using proactive....purely because it didnt make my skin any worse and wasnt too terribly drying. I used it for a year while I was in college. I was on a payment program they offered, which billed my parents credit card every month. My parents maxed that card, and that left me with no way to pay for it is pretty expensive!....This happened right before final exams and I didnt have time to go researching myself up another acne treatment with all the studying i had to do. I had maximum strength Oxy Pads in my med cabinet that I use to wash my chest, neck and back with twice a day, and it always kept the pimples away pretty well. I decided I would do the exact same thing with my face in hopes it wouldnt break me out and dry me up too badly until i had time to research for a new acne cleanser. (I tried it on my face once for a while when i was a young teen and It irritated my face because it dried my skin out so badly.) I stopped washing my face all together. I avoided letting soap touch my face in the tub as well. I was determined to not let the oxy pads dry out my face like they did when i used to use them in addition to soap and water cleansing. Much to my suprise my acne started to get better, and my face wasnt overly dry or irritated. I kept useing it twice a day in place of any cleansers and in about a week my acne was gone!!! I had clear skin for the first time in 13 years! I have continued to use it for six months now, and it has continued to work...try it could work for you too :)

My Acne Cure = Maximum Strength Oxy Pads. Use in place of soap and water 2x a day (works like a cleanser to remove dirt and oil). Do not use in combination with any other acne products to prevent over drying. Avoid letting soap and shampoo or hard water touch your face. Tip: It is best to time your oxy pad cleansing in conjunction with your daily shower or bath...use the oxy pads right after your shower to remove any possible shampoo or conditioner residue that may be left on your face along with the chemicals that tap water leaves on your skin.

[B]PROACTIVE[/B] DIDNT WORK FOR ME OR SEVERAL FRIENDS...The cleanser has polishing beads to exfoliate you skin, and exfoliation is good and necessairy, especially if you have acne, but doing it twice a day every day is too often and causes irritation. Plus watch out for their claims its moisturizing, but its just more pure benzoyl peroxide, so if u put it on dry spots it will only make the spot more dry! The "soothing toner" pure benzoyl peroxide also....nothing soothing about that, plus if you used it on irritated or dry skin taht needed to be soothed and toned...its going to make your skin red, more irritated and more dry. I have spent years and years researching and learning everything I could about skin, acne and skincare, so believe me when I tell u I know what I am talking about here!


I urge against dermatologists!
I have been to several and they dried and irritated my skin severely every time, plus their treatments caused as many pimples as they cured. I had much more success with facialists.

Also look out for the B-5 miracle cure pills that are all over the net! Recent research has shown that they probably cause serious health problems and dont work.

Tetracycline is the only thing i ever tried that was perscribed by a dermatologist that provided any success whatsoever. It helped alot at warding off inflammatory pimples, but you dont have to go to a dermatologist to get it. Your family Dr. can perscribe it.


(from the grocery store...otc.)
1. clearasil...too drying
2. oxy pads once a day while washing my face twice a day... too drying
3. noxemma...made me break out like mad! my friends had the same happen
4. nutragena oil free acne wash...made me break out like mad!
5. clean and clear astringent....did nothing

(from the dermatologists)
1. retin-A...very drying plus makse u peel (its supposed to make u peel) plus it didnt work at all
2. Differin gel...didnt work at all and dried me out badly
3. difference
4. Tetracycline... helped alot in preventing and clearing inflammatory pimples, no help with noninflammatory pimples

(other expensive professional treatments)
1. PROACTIVE SOLLUTION...helped the first week...then back to the way it was before (3 of my friends tried it and had the same results)
2. facials...they help
3. Murad acne treatment system... made me break out like mad! (1 friend tried it and had the same result)
4. several pill miracle cures off the internet that probably dammaged my liver...... no results
5. Apple Cleanse...great for the body in general, but no help to my acnelike it promised

Good luck!!!!
Please let me know if you have tried my cure and what your results were

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