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Same thing happened to me! I was using the baking soda method, and I was THRILLED with the results I was getting! My face looked unbelievable for about two weeks. Then all of a sudden I broke out in cysts all over my chin and even three on my cheeks (I never, ever, EVER break out on my cheeks!) I know the baking soda is supposed to bring infection to the surface, but from my research, in this case, the baking soda basically will just bring to a head any existing pimples you have - it shouldn't be causing a purge of the skin such as Accutane or Retin-A.

So I stopped the baking soda and now my face looks good. Gosh, I wonder why it does that? I guess all good things must come to an end, huh? :(

Are you doing the lemon juice thing? Drinking the juice of one full lemon spaced out throughout the day? I have been doing it religiously for a good month now and I must say I think it's helping. The baking soda screwed with it a bit, but now I am back to normal. Also, I am drinking a couple cups of hot green tea a day and 8 oz. of pomegranate juice. But I would really recommend the lemon juice thing! I have an appointment in a week with the derm to see if I can get on Accutane again, but as of right now, he is going to think I am absolutely crazy b/c I maybe have one zit and that's it - and I think I owe a lot of that to the lemon juice! :)
[QUOTE=Cassie4u22]Hi xismybaby,

Just wondering how the lemon juice thing is working for you?[/QUOTE]

Hey Cassie, I started about 2 days ago, and I added some white tea (didnt have green, its weird because i usually do) to the regimen.

I cant tell anything yet, but my skin looks better because i have been using Clearasil ice wash (its harsh but it gets rid of my pimples on my forehead). I only use this if i'm really in need of something to clear me up. I can't use it for too long though because it dries me out too bad.

I also didnt consume any sweets yesterday which I think helped. And lastly I got a little sun (because I am ghostly

I'm actually going to do the lemon juice thing right now :)

ttyl :wave: :D

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