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I am on my third day of the lemon thing and my skin looks pretty good! I dont know if the lemon is doing something, but I dont want to get my hopes up because probably tomorrow my skin will look like crap again.

I dont have any pimples, and my skin looks more even :D

I also havent had any sweets, which i think is contributing to it as well...

I'll keep you updated on the Lemon...I hope everything is going well with you too! :) :D[/QUOTE]

Hi Xismybaby!

I'm so happy that it seems the lemon juice is working for you! That's great! :angel: Just stay optimistic and keep up with it and I hope things get even better for you. How exciting! :bouncing:

I wish I could say the same about my own skin, I've been breaking out really bad lately on my cheeks... I never break out on my cheeks! I think it may have something to do with the fact that a couple weeks ago, I strayed from my no sugar diet and just went buck wild at the grocery store and bought a couple boxes of Gushers and some packs of Little Debbie brownies...big mistake! I think I am paying for it now. :nono: I got my AHA peel two days ago, and for some reason, this peel penetrated my skin a lot deeper than usual and reacted badly with my skin. So now, I have what looks like rugburn splotches (feels like rugburn too) all around my temples and then on random places on my cheeks :eek: My face seems to be just one never ending saga, lol!

I have my derm appt. tomorrow, finally! I'm going to beg and plead for Accutane. If I start it up within the next couple weeks, I should be getting pretty clear by the time classes start mid-August. Let's keep our fingers crossed! :)

Anyway, again, I'm glad the lemon juice is working for you, I really am happy that your skin is on the mend! Just be persistent with it and make sure to do it every day. (I've skipped a LOT of days lately, I don't know if that may be part of the reason I broke out, but just to be on the safe side, I would keep it up everyday if possible.)

Good Luck, and yes, keep us updated!


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