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Again, i never said this is a cure. However it IS for everyone, mainly the not squeezing. Much of the acne you get is from past times of squeezing the bacteria down further. This is why you start getting more red and inflamed pimples and even cysts.

Now im not saying all products are useless, but anything "made" for acne, is usually bs. This is a HUGE market, and they've got tv and celebs telling you what works. And this stuff actually can prolong your acne, causing unessessary irritation to the skin, even after you might have "grown out of it, or stopped eating irritant foods."

Clean your intestines, via a bacteria killer (doxycycline **AWESOME**), or take some bowel cleansing pills. This removes all bacteria, then replace your body with good stuff, called "PROBIOTICS".

Everything effects hormones, even different foods, each different per person. Mine was cheese (melted mostly), peanut butter was real bad, and any kind of tv dinner with hydrogenated oils (all of them).

Now my intestines are clean, and replenished, i can eat those things.

But anyways, not popping will help every single person, no matter if your still gonna have acne, its not gonna be as bad. However i know how hard it is on you emotionally with whiteheads all over your face. But you have to ignore people, even when you see people stare at your face. Now that my acne is gone, no one looks anywhere but my eyes and i might get a compliment sometimes.

Trust me, once its gone, its forgotten. No ones gonna say "remember his/her face with all the whiteheads, his/her face is clear now, but i wouldn't date him/her now, because of their face then.) LOL..or any other dumb **** like that.

Anyways..good luck..don't get caught up with trying too much crap.
Or overwashing, wash twice a day, dont pop, and STOP LOOKING IN MIRROR. You didn't pay this much attention to your face when you didn't have acne, do you think your face wants all this attention now? :P

Again..i never said this is a cure..i said this will work for everyone, and might even cure a few, who are in the cycle of of acne due to irritation, over washing, or squeezing all that bacteria back down to cause more problems later.

GG :wave:

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