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People people...why do you think you need this crap to cure your acne. You didn't need it before, so why would your face need all these chemicals now?

It doesn't, but these companies want you to think you need them to fix acne. Ill tell you the best thing you can do for acne is not squeeze any blemishes. Treat your face as you did before you had acne, you didn't pay any attention to it other than normal washing in shower.

You people constantly wash your face and mess with it. Then you wonder why you have so much oil..Well if you fight your face, its gonna fight you right back. The more oil you take off, the more oil its gonna make. Over production of oil is your cause most likely.

For me, male, it was hormones. Although i didn't get acne till i was 18, now 22 its 100% clear. Im telling you i went through it all, 5-8 active cysts on my face at a time, along with normal inflamed pimples.

Ill tell you, acne = inflammation, squeezing = inflammation, cysts = inflamed pimples. It is a cycle you have to work through. Only your body knows when your done with acne. Squeezing is making it worse than you can believe. Ive heard that many of times when i had acne.

But hears what your thinking..."Id rather have a redmark on my face than this whitehead" I guarantee thats what your thinking, and its become so much of a habit, you don't realize your doing it. I bet you've even got good at popping pimples. Man i was the best, i could get all the gunk out, without any blood or pressure.

However, this is still causing problems under the skin, and bacteria to get in, no matter how well you take care of it. I know no ones gonna listen to this post, as i have posted better posts than this and no one listens. Everyone wants to buy somthing to make it go away, well it doesn't work like that...But of course celebrities and tv is gonna tell you otherwise...when are you gonna grow up?

Life is about money, and they make thousands, even tens of thousands to say these acne products work for them. (Would you not do the same if you khad the opportunity?) You people need to stop paying attention to celebs, you worship them too much. OMG if i used proactive id have skin like jessica simpson...lmao. Im sure shes spent several hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands to fix her "acne" if it was even anything like we know to be acne.

Heres the best way to get clear.

Stop popping, squeezing, and picking. No matter what, even if you have several whiteheads (even big ones) at a time. This will pass. It might take like two months or so as it did me. But after the acne is gone, who rememebers it? No one does. I spent 3 yrs depressed, crazy, and emotionally jacked. worries. Ive learned so much, if anything people will tell you how good your face looks when its gone.

If they comment on how bad it is (empathetically ignorant people) they will tell you how good your face looks when your acne is gone. Learn to not be judged. 2 months without popping and your face will clear a lot, i guarantee...maybe even rid you of cystic acne, if you khave that.

2 months..walk around with your whiteheads, stop looking at the ****ing mirror, stop giving a **** what people think and say. 3 months later when your acne is gone, they won't remember those days. You will, and will have grown from those days.

Most people don't understand TIME. 3 months is nothing, 70 yrs of living is NOTHING is the big scheme of things. Thats like a snap of a finger, probably faster than that. Don't get caught up with the depressions/anxieties that life has with it, its all to hold you down. Use acne as a stairstep to grow faster, and smarter than average beings.

LoL...that might sound weird, or like im a dork or somthing. I'm telling you, treat acne as a growth experience and you can't go wrong...

Again, stop popping. Stop using harsh chemicals. Wash two times a day. Don't expect fast improvement, it comes, just have to undo the crap youve done to your face. Eat healthy, at least avoid your problem foods.

Most acne is because of us. It starts as hormones, then is prolonged because we pop and squeeze. No telling how many of you would not even have a blemish now if you'da never popped a pimple. You cause the inflammation, you cause the big whiteheads, you cause the scarring.

Any pimples i get now, come to a little whitehead, then fade in the same day..and its rare to even get any at all...and that was going from 8-12 active pimples, to 5-8 active cysts with pimples, then to 5-7 pimples, and now to nothing...everything works in cycles...go with the flow.

The more you fight, the harder it is.

Good Luck...long *** post won't even get :wave:

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