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... My 1st and 2nd course were very different. ... (68 replies)
... I do not get small acne pimples, only cysts. Anyway, Ive been on accutane 4 times. ... (19 replies)
... yeah i'm in pain today too.. so much different then the 1st treatment.. at least i know something is going on with the treatment this time around.. my 1st treatment there was little pain and redness so i was worried i was wasting my time. ... (19 replies)

... I'm now starting my 2nd month on my 2nd time on accutane, still 20 mg dose, i go to my doctor in 2 days for ck up, all is good, alittle dryness, more when i use metro gel or retin-a for spot treatment, i have some smaller break outs, but mostly clearing up. I wash with dial soap ( am & pm)- then apply lubriderm lotion and vaseline on lips.i have no side affects and hope for... (1 replies)
... lexla...the dosage I'm on, I take 60 mg a day. At one point during my 1st round of Accutane i was alternating 60 mg with 80 mg every other night! I just drink half a glass of whole milk when i take the pill...not the whole day. ... (40 replies)
Nov 12, 2002
... I heard of people taking Accutane twice. But how about three times? ... (0 replies)
... i'm looking to start accutane as well, but terrified. What dosing are you on, what's your treatment plan look like? ... (1 replies)
... i have the omnilux blue light treatment so just was curious. also, how is your skin today? ... (19 replies)
... well i had my third and final treatment yesterday with the levulan and blue light. today my face is on fire. very red and kinda a swollen but i know that it's working deep down. ... (19 replies)
... ds on your body size and how long you've been on Accutane. I weigh about 145 so I guess 80 mg is the norm. for me and girls in that weight range. This is also my 2nd treatment of Accutane so that might play another factor into why i'm on 80 mg... ... (40 replies)
... Is/Are there any medications you are on along with Accutane? Do you use any topicals to treat your scars while on Accutane? If so, what is/are they? I have red marks from previous acne breakouts and I just started using Accutane (2nd treatment) yesterday. I have to ask my derma about whether she can prescribe anything for the scars but I wanted to have an idea as to what... (2 replies)
... terday. I was put on 40mg qd. So far so good. My eyes are a bit dryer now, but I stacked up on Refresh Tears so I am feeling fine. My derma told me I will be on Accutane for a period of 6 months, just in time for a new year. Hoping all turns out well. ... (73 replies)
... First time i was completely cleared for about 2 years. Second time i was cleared for a year before the acne came back. Personally, i'll never go on Accutane again, the 2nd treatment side effects were just waaay too bad. I'll rather have my cystic acne than go through that again. ... (4 replies)
... On my 3rd month, last month had some flare ups, but they seem to clear up quicker than normal, i had some some red spots on my shoulders which i dint have before. I overall tho have clearer skin. Libs dry and alittle inside my nose and alittle in ears, but alittle vasiline seems to help. I am still on low dose 20 mg. i have had no other side affects. I hope this works this... (0 replies)
... This is my 2nd day and all is well so far, my doctor put me on 20 mg and wants to try it for a longer duration, i plan to post every 3 to 5 days to help others and give results and hopefuly a success story (4 replies)
... My doctor sugested that dose,my 1st treatment was 40 then 60mg towards the end, he said a lower dose for a longer duration, for less shock to body, side effects and felt it would work better, we"l see. ... (4 replies)
... pefully that will NOT be the case. As to my moisturizer, I think I'm going to go to the drugstore soon and try the Cetaphil moisturizer since I've seen that many Accutane patients use it. My Dove moisturizer is great when it's not winter and when I'm not on Accutane and completely dried out,but right's not workin'. ... (40 replies)
... Hey...well I read Indy's comment about most of us posting on this thread think that Accutane is great because we're still on the treatment and what happend after the treatment? ... (14 replies)
... n here to check something else and I saw our thread! I miss you a lot and I can't wait for Makin' Music...Mel got me a ticket! I'm really happy for you that your treatment is going really well! I'll talk to you and hopefully see yousoon! Sorry I couldn't come up this past weekend. ... (40 replies)
... eel like an AA meeting...and like the majority of the people looking at these threads, I have acne on my face. Like Allison mentioned, I am, unfortunately, on my 2nd round of Accutane. ... (40 replies)

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