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... Yes, I am 30 years old and have a problem with acne. ... (31 replies)
... late 20's or early 30's still with acne? ... (31 replies)
... I just wanted to say thanks for all of your postings. I decided last night to see what the latest acne discussion was on the internet. I am a 30 year old female who has been dealing with acne since I was young, 13 or so. Nothing seems to work and if it does not for long! ... (4 replies)

... Its that simple, you eat a muffin with 300 calories, be prepared to run for 30 minutes. ... (114 replies)
... Had some Pasta Spinocoli with pesto sauce and penne, fresh breadsticks for dinner damn good I must say, carb hell but heaven! ... (114 replies)
... After you eat this during any meal , you should exercise for 30 minutes. ... (114 replies)
... I am 45 and started having acne when I was 12 y.o. I went to derm after derm and tried every antibiotic available, prednisone, and sulfur. ... (4 replies)
... i went to jamba juice..and got a green tea type drink.. man i didnt know it would have a lot of carbs. When i checked their website it said 106!!! so i ran for 30 minutes and worked out another 30.. it was about an hour after i drank it.. dunno how it will work out. ... (114 replies)
... I know quite a few people who can't sweat profusely, so if you are one of those people, its best if you just went to the steamroom and sit in there for 30 minutes, then come out and do some weights or running. ... (114 replies)
... they increase testerone, Of course you can still drink milk, only if you work out 30 minutes RIGHT after you drink it. ... (114 replies)
... cups of vegetables sauteed with a teaspoon of oil and other spices. ... (114 replies)
... soupyhead, Remember you CAN eat taco bell, but for every burrito supreme you eat 700 calories You should be doing 30 minutes weight or 35 minutes running after you eat ! I prefer weights, 35 minutes running doesn't even burn 700 calories. (114 replies)
... UPKEEP/MAINTENCE This is one of the most important procedures in this regime. If you have the money, which I believe all 21+ year olds do, $100 or so. Pick up a GLUCOSE METER (I use freestyle because it requires little blood) Its around $30, the test strips are like $50 (114 replies)
... i've been running the last few nights and its really hard to sweat that much.. after about 30 minutes i begin to sweat a bit but its not like pouring off my body.. ... (114 replies)
... Working out maybe in a "medical study" may increase testerone, but working out INTENSELY in my studies DECREASES my sex drive, aka DECREASES my testerone in my case. I define working out as: 1) 30-45 minuts continous weight lifting 2) Running does not decrease my testerone oddly? :D (114 replies)
... so no carbs.. i've been trying it but never really got to 0 carbs.. maybe like 30 a day.. which is very low.. i think it has helped but i'm not sure if it will completely clear me if i do 0 carbs.. its a hard thing to do. ... (114 replies)
... you are not alone...look at how many people on this board are over 20 or even 30 and still suffer. It just happns tha most of the population are with clear skin. Of course it is very upsetting and all. ... (31 replies)
... Hi im a 30 yr old male. Took accutane when i was a teen, cured my cystic acne on my NOSE and CHEEKS. But it didnt cure my chin acne. ... (0 replies)
20 yrs of Acne
Oct 10, 2011
... My name is Lindsey. I am 30 years old and have been dealing with acne for 20 years. My acne is a mixture of cysts and mostly inflamed white heads and black heads on my face, neck, upper arms, chest, and back. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for contributing that post. I know what you mean about the tweaking; I'm going to get mine (nose) done too. Good luck. (93 replies)

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