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Accutane questions
Jul 3, 2005
I've had acne since my Jr. year of high school and it seems to be getting worse over the years. I went to the derm in April, to which she said my acne was moderate-severe and said I had two options. One is antibiotics (doxycycline) and retin-a, or accutane. In the back of my mind I remember accutane as being some potent stuff, so I said I would rather go the less drastic route first. After the first 4-5 weeks, I got tired of having a constantly irritated stomach, which I figured happen, and feeling like my face was constantly sunburned from the retin-a. I went back to the derm for my follow up and she said that she really wants me to go on accutane and all I would need is 5-6 months on it and I wouldn't have to deal with acne again. I said my insurance co. wouldn't cover it, but I would be in a better position financially to do it next year. So we decided to go with another round of antibiotics (minocycline) and Duac gel in addition to the retin-a to try for another 2 months.

I went back to the insurance co. website to check if they would cover the Duac and found out they will cover the accutane, although in the long run it will be fairly expensive with $40 co-pays for each refill. Plus all the pregnancy tests, birth control pills, and derm visits. So now I'm kinda stuck as to what to do. I want to go on accutane, but life is chaotic with working full time and going to school half time (10 credit hrs). I will be finished with school by Christmas. I don't have the time to be taking extra good care of myself, which is what I understand is needed while on accutane.

Here's what I see my options are:

1. Fill the scripts for the antibiotics and Duac to see how they go.

2. Skip filling the recent scripts, call the derm and see about going on accutane asap, possibly needing another derm visit at the cost of a $30 co-pay.

3. Skip filling the recent scripts and work on preparing myself for accutane with liver cleanses, getting on BCP's etc.

4. Skip filling the recent scripts and still wait until next year to go on accutane.

For those of you who are on or have been on accutane, do you have any words of wisdom to help me in making this decision?

Thanks for the sage advice. :D

Since the derm is fairly certain that the accutane will clear me up and the only difference in cost as to if I do this now or wait is I will save about $35 because if I wait until next year I can have my employer take out the $$$ for treatment from my paycheck with pre-tax dollars. I feel that I'm saving $80 by not filling the prescriptions for the second round of antibiotics and topical stuff, so I figure I'm still ahead there.

I guess the next step is to call the derm's office and see what I need to do before my next visit.

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