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Re: Peels
Jul 5, 2005
I was on Accutane about 4 years ago.. it cleared me 100% for a full year - I literally had "porcelain" skin. Didn't even break out during that time of the month! After a year, I started getting small pimples every once in a while, but I could still walk around without any makeup on and look perfectly fine. After about three years of being off Accutane, the acne became mild and has remained mild but is persistent. (Before Accutane, I had severe cystic acne, so really, mild acne is NO BIG DEAL compared to how I used to look - however, I know how clear my skin CAN be, and I'd like to be 100% clear once again). So I started getting the micro and peels, but like I said, it's not helping my chin from breaking out before my period. Accutane was the only thing that could help me in that area, and that is why I am thinking about going on Accutane again for a second course. I am a perfectionist with my skin, most people don't even realize I have acne right now, but even one zit is one too many :)

Personally, I have had better success using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion to get rid of my red marks. I started using it before my treatments, and saw a difference within days - literally. It works so well! I wouldn't really recommend microdermabrasion and peels. For the price you pay, it's not worth it. Way too expensive. It's nice b/c it gives me a glow and makes my skin tone look even, but other than that...nothing drastic. Also, I use Neosporin on "fresh" acne wounds and it helps them heal 50% faster, I love it!! Hope all this helps bimbotica :) :)

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