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Jul 4, 2005
I have been suffering from acne all throughout my 20's and have, like most of you, done extensive research on products, chemicals and pills to get rid of it. It wasn't until recently that I realized there are just a few basic rules to follow in keeping your skin clean the healthiest way possible.
Cleanse with a water based cleanser--I use Cetaphil
Exfoliate the skin using AHA or BHA(BHA is the best for acne prone skin as it helps in reducing inflammation as well as sloughing off dead skin cells that clog pores and creat new acne)
Disenfect using benzoyl peroxide--this is one I am still battling with. I actually am thinking of taking it out of my regimen as I think those with sensitive skin see worse results from using it, but can do wonders in drying up bumps for those that can handle it.
And moisturize with SPF to prevent sun damage. There are so many oil free moisturizers out there now that will keep your face from becoming even more shiny.

Anyhow, I of course, still have breakouts, and I think recently it has gotten worse since I stopped doing my above regimen and began trying new things(baking soda, neutrogena lotions, st.ives apricot srub) Ugh, they all made me breakout. But, the above does keep my skin at bay where I may only have one or two bumps to battle with as opposed to five to ten. I really believe that you must work more on keeping your skin healthy to prevent blemishes and try avoiding doing too much to the ones you already have.
Since exfoliation has done wonders, I have looked into chemical peels and decided to try one at home with a lower dose of AHA. Just in case anyone is looking for a good, at home peel kit here is what I feel will work best since the PH level is low enough to actually make the AHA work and is a safe brand too trust:

Alpha Hydrox Let's Get Started Kit(sells for $40, but you get cleanser AHA Souffle, AHA peel 14% and moisturizer) And I think you get at least 6 peels out of it. Most Dr's charge $65 a pop for one indiviudal peel at 20% AHA.

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I'll keep you posted on how it works out, should be receiving the end of the week.

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