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[QUOTE=fuici]hi cassie... i have a question for you. Is the Initial breakout always must be very bad? b/c i am on accutane for six weeks already and yes there is a breakout but not as that serious as i think, do u think it will work for me?

secondly, do we need to add anythings else like acne cream when taking accutane? b/c my derm gave me a acne cream( think should be retinoid) and toner to complement my course. on top of that he also does a glycolic peel for me every 3 weeks. Personally, i feel that it is too harsh for my face and felt that my skin look nicer and less red when i only apply the cream and toner once at night. what do u recommend?

lastly, does accutane work for everybody? i don't mean a perfect cure but at the very least reduce it to just a few pimples... thanks[/QUOTE]

Hi Fuici,
I am extremely surprised that your derm is having you use a retinoid, toner, and getting glycolic peels while on Accutane!! :o How many mg's are you on? Since your skin is so fragile while on Accutane, getting peels or using any type of harsh product can actually cause more harm than good, even scarring. However, your doctor probably knows your skin better than I do. But....I just can't imagine any doctor prescribing all that for an Accutane patient?? I am stumped. How is your skin doing? On Accutane, my derm prescribed me to use Cetaphil gentle wash and NOTHING else, under any circumstances. In fact, I only used the Cetaphil wash at night, in the morning I just splashed cool water on my face...even with this very gentle skin regimine, my face was still red and sensitive to the touch, so that is why I am in disbelief you are on the regimine you are while on Accutane. I suppose you should just go with how your skin feels...if everything starts to feel like waaaaay too much for your skin, speak up and tell your derm. Just listen to your skin, it will tell you how much is too much.

Some people have horrible initial breakouts, some people get mild initial breakouts. Then again, there are those lucky few that as soon as they pop their first couple pills, their skin just magically clears up and they completely skip the intial breakout all together! It varies from person to person. When I was on Accutane, I had a horrible intial breakout over a week's span...then after that, everything just started drying up and going away. The rest of the time on Accutane, I didn't get any more breakouts. How severe is your acne? Is it mild, moderate, or cystic?

If taken correctly, Accutane is many people's "miracle drug." A large percentage of people clear up completely - and permanently. Others will clear up for a while, and then start to relapse, but the acne usually does not come back quite as severe (currently my situation.) There is a small percentage of people that Accutane does not work for (the exact percentage is included in one of the pamphlets you should of received along with your Accutane). However, of all the people I have known how have taken Accutane, it has worked miracles for everyone...and I have known at least five people who have taken it outside myself. So yes, I have confidence that Accutane will work for you!! Good luck and hang in there. Hope this answers your questions. :bouncing:

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